The Story of IndigoSummer Artist Management

As one of my favourite songs goes, “This is how the story went, I met someone by accident, who blew me away, blew me away...”

Back in November 2016, I met a superbly talented young woman who performed under the name Astatine. Mesmerised by her voice, I introduced myself and we hit it off like house on fire. She invited me to her House Concert the following month and I accepted happily. There, at the end of a very successful concert, she introduced me as her manager. I was surprised, she must have noticed it, and she jokingly said, "but she doesn’t know it yet."

That was basically the beginning of my career as an Artist Manager and the beginning of IndigoSummer. In the months to come, I developed the business plan, the strategies and the concept for IndigoSummer, as well as for Astatine. We decided to attend the biggest Jazz Fair in Europe, JazzAhead in Bremen, and all efforts were geared towards that.

At JazzAhead, I had back-to-back meetings with musicians and artist from all over the world, who were looking for representation in Germany and Europe. Once back home, it transpired that ALL of the artists I met actually wanted ME as their Manager/Agent. I realised the sheer amount of work ahead of me if I wanted to achieve success, and I looked into ways of fining support.

At the same time, due to familiar circumstances, I was forced to take on a part-time job. I had foolishly thought that my evening job would leave me enough time during the day to tend to IndigoSummer, but oh, how I was mistaken... I was forced to focus on the job that was actually bringing some money in, and as a result, IndigoSummer was put on a back burner. The artists I so joyfully signed on realised that my focus is missing and slowly they shifted their business elsewhere. Finally, in October 2017, Astatine, too, left without a word, and basically since then, IndigoSummer has been dormant.

At some stage, I actually opened and read every single one of the hundreds of emails sent to the official email account, and I was amazed to read so many applications from artists from all over the world, who wanted me to represent and manage them. That, effectively, was the motivation to reactivate the agency, despite the lack of time, despite the lack resources, despite the lack of support, and despite the exhaustion.

And, as soon as I have decided to start anew, I signed on some big names, funnily enough majority of them from my home turf, Croatia and what used to be known as Yugoslavia. An array of high-calibre musicians from Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia. More are coming, as surely as the applications landing in my inbox every day.

And where do we go from here (another one of favourite lines, this time from one of my favourite musicals, “Evita”)? Sifting through all the applications. Choosing the promising ones. Actually registering the agency with various German authorities (big stuff, the red tape in Germany). Hiring a team and an intern. Getting bookings for my existing stars. The world is my oyster, and the only way is up.

I am forever grateful for people who helped me on my way so far, in this or that way. Everything in life is a learning curve, and everything is to be taken and accepted with gratitude.

Upwards and onwards.

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