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IndigoSummer becomes a member of the Deutsche Jazzunion

27 May 2019

IndigoSummer is a proud member of the Deutsche Jazzunion.

IndigoSummer becomes a member of the Music Managers Forum

22 May 2019

IndigoSummer is proud of becoming a member the Music Managers Forum, the largest representative body of music management in the world. 

IndigoSummer signs on Unit 3 Deep

21 May 2019

IndigoSummer is pleased to announce signing on Unit 3 Deep, a trio of seasoned jazz musicians based in Maryland, USA. 

IndigoSummer is officially registered as a company

09 May 2019

IndigoSummer is officially registered with the local authorities. Following this huge step, the agency gets three new telephone numbers and in view of financials, a dedicated international bank account and a tax number. Legal assistance is enlisted to draft all contracts, as well as help with copywriting and administration.

IndigoSummer registers with virtualWOMEX

08 May 2019

IndigoSummer registers its participation in the virtualWOMEX (World Music Expo). 

IndigoSummer announces co-operation with Latin Grammy Award nominated jazz musician Yuvisney Aguilar

01 May 2019

IndigoSummer is thrilled to announce co-operation with Yuvisney Aguilar, a Cuban jazz musician who, among other recognitions, was nominated for Latin Grammy Awards 2017 with his album  "PIANGO PIANGO" in the category Best Folk Album.

IndigoSummer commences co-operation with The Soul Jazz Rebels

30 Apr 2019

IndigoSummer signs on the Franco-Swiss band The Soul Jazz Rebels.

IndigoSummer signs on Soprano Helena Mamich

27 Apr 2019

IndigoSummer is delighted to announce signing on an accomplished dramatic soprano Helena Mamich. 

IndigoSummer is a part of the EventAgent24

11 Apr 2019

IndigoSummer Artist Management is a a part of the online platform EventAgent24, with its roster of artists, available for bookings for private and corporate events and functions.

IndigoSummer becomes a part of BackstagePRO

07 Apr 2019

IndigoSummer Artist Management and its artists are represented on the online platform BackstagePRO, available for bookings for private and corporate events and functions.

IndigoSummer announces cooperation with Zeljko Vlahovic

03 Nov 2018

IndigoSummer is proud to announce co-operation with Maestro Zeljko Vlahovic, a renowned Croatian pianist.

The Story of IndigoSummer Artist Management

07 Mar 2019

As one of my favourite songs goes, “This is how the story went, I met someone by accident, who blew me away, blew me away...”


Back in November 2016, I met a superbly talented young woman who performed under the name Astatine. Mesmerised by her voice, I introduced myself and we hit it off like house on fire. She invited me to her House Concert the following month and I accepted happily. There, at the end of a very successful concert, she introduced me as her manager. I was surprised, she must have noticed it, and she jokingly said, "but she doesn’t know it yet."

IndigoSummer announces cooperation with Trio Balkan Strings

29 Apr 2018

Internship opportunity

28 Feb 2019

IndigoSummer Artist Management offers unpaid internships for current students with an interest in artist management and the music industry.

If you have a keen interest in music and artist management, and affinity for social media and modern technology, coupled with clear and concise communication style, interning with IndigoSummer Artist Management will give you an opportunity to use and grow your skills.

If you are interested, please send me your resume and a cover letter.  Please include information about your interests, your favourite music/artists, your expectations, aspirations, as well as your skills (language, computer, for instance).


The main working language at IndigoSummer is English.

IndigoSummer announces cooperation with Matija Dedic

27 Apr 2018

IndigoSummer is proud to announce cooperation with Matija Dedic, an acclaimed jazz pianist from Croatia.

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