IndigoSummer's own Manageress, Ivancica Smith, is an accomplished and talented singer, too. IndigoSummer Artist Management is naturally delighted and proud to be managing her singing career as well. Although her time is scarce, she is available as a soloist (with or without her accompaniment) for special events and functions. For information about rates, availability and set list creation, use the contact form and we will respond immediately.

Ivancica started singing when she was four years old. Her favourite tune was "La Habanera" from "Carmen". She would ride her rickety bicycle through her neighbourhood, one hand high up in the air, the other one holding the handle bar, singing from the top of her voice...

Her Mum used to say she sings wonderfully but it was strenuous to listen to her... (Her mother was an overworked, exhausted single mother of three young children, always on the verge of poverty, and had little or no patience for, or understanding of music.)

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