At IndigoSummer Artist Management, we understand that you, solo artists and bands, need help planning your career. Together we will discuss and plan your career. We will look at which stage of your career you currently find yourself, we will look at your needs and ambitions, and then we will devise a plan for you to reach your goals. Whether you need help planning an album release, booking your tour, or help with social media, IndigoSummer Artist Management will be happy to work with you. 


We will manage all aspects of your artistic career including recording, touring, brand partnerships, merchandise, endorsements, theatre, television and publicity. 

Let's take a journey that translates creativity and talent into performances that inspire audiences everywhere. If you are an artist seeking representation, IndigoSummer Artist Management is ready to work with you. Send us your message here.

Artistic Development

You have already spent most of your life cultivating your talent, defining your most unique qualities and preparing to share your work with the world. 

How do you start?


First, we work together to identify your audience and grow it. 

Once the audience has been identified, we begin our strategic planning and targeting. What are the key events we want to attend this year? What are the steps we need to take to get you there and what do we want as a result of reaching our goals? 

Tour planning and management are essential services that will put you in front of audiences and build your fan base. 

Merchandising and product development are essential to covering the costs of touring, recording and supporting the business activities that drive artistic development.  


How do we tell your story? Who do we tell it to and why are they interested? The answers to these questions are behind publicity efforts and activities. 


Listening, watching, reading and interacting are the four activities that give you an opportunity to reach your audience to tell them where you are performing, when you release new material and what events you are attending. 

Reaching out to local media in advance of events, brainstorming features for magazines, ensuring that television programs know who you are for immediate comment on related issues are all part of a comprehensive publicity and communications plan.


We will write and implement this plan together. 

Social Media Management

Companies need performers for their Christmas parties and Annual Shareholders' Meetings. Couples in love need quartets to entertain their guests. Festivals, clubs and annual events need you too. How do you make sure the planners think of you?


Social media is on our minds all the time. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and every new social media channel on the horizon reaches a specific segment of your audience.


Staying in constant contact, interacting with the community that will grow around your work requires time and energy that will take you away from your craft...unless those activities are carefully managed to maximize exposure and minimize time commitments. 

Scheduling open chats, live streaming performances and making  announcements are all events that social media supports and enriches.


That is only when the correct strategy and schedule are implemented with measurements for success. 


Artist Management


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